E Shram Card Nipun Yojana 2022: आवेदन करें और 2 लाख का लाभ प्राप्त करें

The E Shram Card Nipun Yojana was launched by the Government of India’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) to improve the skills and future of 1,000 young workers working in the country’s construction sector. Through this program, an initiative was taken for competency-based training and certification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and new qualifications. NIPUN Bharat has been linked to the eShram card by the government. Accident insurance of ₹200000 is awarded for 3 years to youth affiliated under the E Shram Card Nipun Yojana. As part of this program, young people are trained in the fields of plumbing and infrastructure. They also receive a certificate after completing their training. This certificate allows him to go and work abroad. So come and learn with us what is the NIPUN Yojana 2022 eShram card and all related information.

E Shram card Nipun Yojana 2022

E Shram Card Nipun Yojana 2022 was established by Union Master Hardeep Singh Puri on June 20, 2022 for the youth involved in construction sector. This program trains 1,000 of the country’s construction workers in plumbing and infrastructure. This training broadens their skills and provides them with employment opportunities. Apart from that, this program will also provide opportunities for young workers to go and work abroad. 80,000 construction workers have been trained under this program, and now 14,000 beneficiaries are being trained in plumbing and other trade-related jobs under the National Skill Qualification Framework. Through this program, around 12,000 young workers in the country find employment in other countries.

  • A project committee is formed by the government under the director of the additional secretary of the commission, through which this program is overseen.
  • RPL’s E Shram Card Nipun Yojana brings training and certification, new skills, overseas internships and creates better livelihoods for workers, safe work practices and increased productivity.

Overview Of E Shram Card Nipun Yojana 2022

योजना का नाम E Shram Card Nipun Yojana
शुरू की गई भारत सरकार द्वारा
संबंधित मंत्रालय आवासन और शहरी कार्यालय मंत्रालय (MoHUA)
लाभार्थी भारत के निर्माण क्षेत्र से जुड़े 1 लाख युवा श्रमिक
उद्देश्य प्लंबिंग और इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर में ट्रेनिंग प्रदान करना
साल 2022
बीमा सुविधा ₹200000 तक
आवेदन प्रक्रिया Online
अधिकारिक वेबसाइट Skill India Portal

Aim of the E Shram Card Nipun Yojana

The goal of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) launch of the E Shram Card Nipun Yojana is to educate more than 1,000 workers associated with the construction sector in various fields. So that their skills can be improved and their future can be improved. Through training under this program, construction workers will be able to work with the changing times, allowing them to work better in less time. This not only benefits the employees, but also the employers. The E-Shram Card Nipun Yojana 2022 provides competency-based training certification to brighten workers’ futures, including the opportunity to work outside of India.

Benefits of E Shram Card Nipun Yojana 2022

Workers – Under this scheme, young workers in the construction sector are granted the following benefits, which are listed below.

  • Skill training on site
  • Assessment of skills/aptitude under the National Skill Qualification Framework
  • Co-Branded Skill India Certification with MoHUA
  • Skill Insurance for certified workers (3 years accident insurance with coverage of Rs.2 lakh)
  • Digital Skills (Cashless Transactions, BHIM App, Bharat QR Code etc.)
  • Orientation about entrepreneurship/self-employment
  • EPF/BOCW facilities
  • increase productivity
  • Salary increase likely
  • personal development
  • Reduction of accidents on the construction site
  • Industry Information

Employers – In addition to employees, employers also benefit from this system. This benefit is as follows.

  • better worker efficiency
  • Reducing wasted time and money
  • better productivity
  • Lack of oversight involvement
  • Good performance
  • increase worker morale
  • reduction in absenteeism

Eligibility under e-work card Nipun Yojana

Any applicant with Indian nationality for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) / Upskilling who

  • be between 18 and 45 years old
  • Have prior experience in the job role for which RPL certification is desired and as specified by the Sector Skill Council for those job roles
  • Whose account is linked to the Aadhaar card.
  • Meets other work experience criteria as defined by Sector Skill Counseling for applicable positions

Any applicant with Indian nationality for new qualifications who

  • be between 15 and 45 years old
  • The applicant’s bank account should be linked to the Aadhaar card.
  • Meets other criteria for the relevant professional role as defined by the awarding authority
  • Interested in a career in the construction industry.

Application procedure under E Shram Card Nipun Yojana 2022

  • First of all, the applicant has to visit the official portal of this program, Skill India Portal.
  • The homepage of the website will then open.
  • On the homepage of the website you will see the option I want to skill myself. To click on.
  • Now the registration form will open in front of you.
  • In this form you must carefully read and fill in all the important information requested.
  • After that, you have to click on the Send option.
  • This way you can apply under E Shram Card Nipun Yojana 2022.

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