JIO VS AIRTEL VS VODAFONE VS BSNL companies have developed affordable data plans for consumers. These companies are rolling out new data plans to consumers one by one. The companies Jio Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL are providing 3 GB of data daily, unlimited calls and SMS in the prepaid top-up package to the people who use these sims of the country. K prepaid plans will report on the benefit offer

JIO Prepaid Plans | 3 GB of data daily

Jio company has developed an affordable prepaid plan for its customers: Reliance Jio top-up for Rs.299 gives consumers 3GB of data daily and also unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day with this prepaid top-up pack. Free subscription apps will also be included in this plan of Jio as well as Jio TV, Jio Cinema. The validity of this Jio plan is up to 28 days.

Airtel prepaid plans

Airtel companies have also entered the prepaid top-up plan market to benefit their consumers. This company offers its consumers 3GB of data per day for a plan of Rs 349, along with this plan, unlimited calls and data also comes with 100 SMS provided per day. In this Rs 349 plan, Airtel users also get Airtel TV subscription for free. Airtel users who want to use this top-up package can have the network package installed on their phones.

vodafone top-up plan

At Vodafone, users can also now get 3GB of data per day with a prepaid top-up plan from Rs.349 and the validity of this prepaid top-up plan is 28 days. In addition, with this prepaid top-up, customers get unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day. With the VODAFONE top-up plan, customers also get a free subscription to Vodafone Play and free access to Idea Movies & TV apps. You Vodafone users can enjoy all these facilities by charging Rs.349.

BSNL recharge schedule

Like JIO, AIRTEL, VODAFONE, BSNL company also offers affordable prepaid top-up plans to its customers. Now BSNL customers get 3.2 GB of data per day on a top-up plan of 399. And the validity of this plan is 74 days. This BSNL top-up plan with 3.2GB per day, 250 minutes per day and 100 SMS per day will also be available, which will bring great benefits to users. BSNL users can take full advantage of this plan.

Top-up benefits of Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL prepaid plans

Jio Airtel Vodafone BSNL companies offer their users more than one prepaid plan, through these prepaid plans consumers get many benefits, these people get 3GB of data daily in this plan. All of these companies make free calls with data and provide 100 SMS per day. You can use 3 GB of data volume comfortably throughout the day and do all important work without any problems.


  • The company JIO gives users 3 GB of data per day in the prepaid top-up package of 299. This top-up of 299 is only valid for 28 days.
  • Along with 3GB of data per day, users get 100 free SMS per day and unlimited calls.
  • The AIRTEL company also offers its users 3GB of data per day under a top-up plan of Rs. 349. The validity of this top-up plan is 28 days.
  • Consumers also get unlimited calls and 100 texts per day under this plan.
  • VODAFONE company has also created a top-up plan for its users, in this plan users get 3GB of data per day while top-up from Rs.349.
  • Like all these companies, the BSNL company has introduced a prepaid top-up plan for its users. Under this plan, consumers get 3 top-ups per day of Rs.399. Get 2GB of data.
  • 3 per day under this prepaid plan. In addition to 2 GB, 250 call minutes and 100 text messages per day are also free.


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